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Navigating through Emotional Transitions

Navigating When has been the most recent time you were disappointed, hurt or disrespected? And how did you feel, how was your mind and how was processing the emotions? The reason I ask is because if you tend to always react, respond and feel the same; that there is space for integrating new ways of […]

Ocean Of Hearts

Ocean Of Hearts One of the many things in life that truly excites me is feeling real connections between hearts, bodies and minds. I share the above to put in perspective one of the many reasons I absolutely love creating Yoga Retreats and Holistic Gatherings. I remember co- holding space many years ago at a […]

Unveil your gifts

Unveil your gifts Take your time and focus on developing your gifts and strengths. Take a moment here and now, write down, or think to yourself. What are your gifts and strengths during this phase of your life, what are new ones and what are ones that have been with your for pretty much a […]

Embrace the energy of peace

Embrace the energy of peace In Native American traditions, a broken arrow would mean that tribes were no longer fighting one another but were making alliances. May this symbol, broken arrow, be a message that you no longer need to fight, force or resist. In our daily lives we are being exposed to situations in […]

The Body Temple

The Body Temple “When there is an alignment with thought, alignment with purpose, the body temple begins to shift, REGENERATE, AND REJUVENATE.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith The body is a temple, a beautiful and popular phrase found in all spiritual traditions throughout the world. As a metaphor, it signifies the body’s role as a vessel […]

Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart I recently watched this beautiful documentary, ‘The Power of the Heart.’ Writers and spiritual advocates reflect on grief, love, passion, and offer guidance on how to listen to one’s heart. Do yourself a favor and watch this. It inspired me to write about opening your heart. Personally, I live by Tantric Principles, […]

A Play Between Light & Dark

A Play Between Light & Dark Imagine yourself standing at the top of a mountain. It is still quite dark, but dawn is about to break. At the distant edge of the horizon, the sun begins to rise. You raise your arms in greeting, as this powerful force emerges from the darkness of the night. […]

Say Yes To Yoga

Say Yes To Yoga All misconception aside, Yoga is absolutely LIFE CHANGING in every aspect of your life. Do yourself a favor and ask a regular practitioner why after X amount of years they’re still practicing? If you would to  ask me, my heart will open and speak. Yoga offered me the opportunity to become […]

Inhale, exhale at the new Yoga House studio

Inhale, exhale at the new Yoga House studio  Take a second and close your eyes. Now let your imagination drift off into a space where you can take deep breaths. Centre yourself into a mode of relaxation where you are surrounded by indigenous plants, soft mood music and fresh air. You hear the sounds of […]

Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor Yoga It’s time to get your ass-ana outside!Spending time in nature is known to have profound effects on our physical and mental well-being. Combine that with your yoga practice and you have yourself in a perfectly natural yogi bliss. Practicing yoga outdoors is an amazing way to connect with nature – Soak in the sunshine, […]