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Unveil your gifts

Take your time and focus on developing your gifts and strengths.

Take a moment here and now, write down, or think to yourself. What are your gifts and strengths during this phase of your life, what are new ones and what are ones that have been with your for pretty much a lifetime? Enjoy the exploration here, feel which new ones and old ones really spark joy and awakened energy in you? Take note….

There are oportunities for you to discover and rediscover the gifts, strengths and talents you are born with and born to share. All of your past experiences have only helped you to see how strong you really are.

You must remember that you are an amazing soul, who can change and transform in ways that can truly liberate you and others. I write this short and sweetly to encourage you to step into your old gifts and strengths and to perhaps awaken new ones that can guide you forward. This is a beautiful practice to connect to your heart and body, the heart and body will respond openly to acions, talents, gifts and stregths that are truly meant for you and your path of individuation, peace, and happiness.

I want to list a few strengths and gifts of people dear to my heart, here you have a few examples of connecting to something new or reawakenening something old.

Strengths; listens, playful, vulnerable, disciplined, intuitive, focused

Gifts; healing touch, aristic, beautiful signing voice, dancer, creative writer, an amazing cook, exploring

You are now encouraged to stay focused on exploring this and to enjoy the journey.




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