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Open Your Heart

I recently watched this beautiful documentary, ‘The Power of the Heart.’ Writers and spiritual advocates reflect on grief, love, passion, and offer guidance on how to listen to one’s heart. Do yourself a favor and watch this. It inspired me to write about opening your heart. Personally, I live by Tantric Principles, and opening my heart is a daily practice and an active choice. Try the following for a week and feel into the deep shifts; be aware and conscious. In the morning before you start the act of doing and giving to others, place your hands on your heart, feel it beat, breathe slowly and deeply into your sacred heart. Start to evoke the frequency of love and gratitude towards your soul, your pure essence of being and of feeling. Really feel the connection of love and gratitude before you start your day.

The seed of your soul LONGS for your pure awareness; it LONGS for you to feel that you belong within your heart. May you actively choose love and empower yourself. One of my favorite practices I share at gatherings are visualizations or ideas that will evoke love within you, so if merely trying to connect to the frequency of love doesn’t come easily, imagine hugging someone that you truly love or someone you haven’t hugged in a long time – and now you get to hug them, allow that to inspire the tuning of the frequency, which is in essence energy. OPEN YOUR HEART, FEEL THE LOVE.

By opening the heart, we practice to expand in the experience of love and acceptance for what is. Through the heart, we are able to connect intimately with others and ourselves. Understanding that the MIND’S capacity to discern isn’t wrong, there are times that it is vital to discern and make choices. The MIND is a great tool but a poor master.
“Ask your heart any question; your heart knows all the answers.” Here I have a few questions for you; offer yourself silence to listen to your heart.
1. Deep down, do you feel worthy of love? Why/Why not?
2. What quality within you do you love easily?
3. Do you trust yourself?

A big part of opening the heart is to surrender your ego. With an open heart, you will still experience pain, sadness, and you will still have moments of suffering. So the ego will try to stop you from this. Be aware of this. The more you consciously choose to be connected to your heart, the more you will be rewarded with the knowledge that when you surrender the ego, you are surrendering into LOVE, WISDOM, PEACE, AND TRANQUILITY that lives in your heart. The purpose of the ego is to experience being separate from love so that we can know what love is not.

A gentle invite to start your day with an open heart and allow the love and gratitude to flow into the seed of your soul, go deeper every morning and allow this love to illuminate and guide your journey on.




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