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Ocean Of Hearts

One of the many things in life that truly excites me is feeling real connections between hearts, bodies and minds.

I share the above to put in perspective one of the many reasons I absolutely love creating Yoga Retreats and Holistic Gatherings. I remember co- holding space many years ago at a beautiful Retreat in South East Asia and how that inspired and further encouraged me onto my path, my journey of love and returning into heart space.

The journey from Mind to Heart has been one of many phases, many changes, forgiveness, acceptance, laughter, pain and has played a main role of individuation for my soul. Life has to be experienced in it’s fullness and only when we choose to relax the mind and the heart to open, will we truly start to respond to life from within, from intuition and love.

The calling for the rest of the Summer Season is to gather and connect all Hearts, share our hearts gift and to hold space for those in time of transition, awakening and the ones who simply want to strengthen their inner presence. Our beautiful studio welcomes you to come journey through the physical into the space of the Spiritual Heart.

We have our upcoming Cacao gathering, Samara- 24 Fenruary. We would love for you to join!

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