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The Body Temple

“When there is an alignment with thought, alignment with purpose, the body temple begins to shift, REGENERATE, AND REJUVENATE.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith

The body is a temple, a beautiful and popular phrase found in all spiritual traditions throughout the world. As a metaphor, it signifies the body’s role as a vessel that houses the Soul. Our magnificent physical body is the vehicle that carries our life force, and through it, we can dance with our senses and interact with the beauty of our natural world.

Treating your body as a temple can inspire you to be more mindful and loving in the way you treat yourself and other living beings. It motivates us to tend to our body’s needs and to respect it. I once listened to a morning meditation, and the person was sharing how he would ask himself before eating or drinking something that wasn’t WHOLE, “DO I LOVE MYSELF?” He didn’t elaborate on this question, but I believe that a moment of pause and reflection offers an opportunity to make a conscious choice, to choose something that will give energy and life instead of taking from your health or our natural world. I mainly live on a plant-based diet and have been for many years. Every year that passes, I feel more embodied, in harmony, and in deep connection to my individual evolution.

There are many ways of treating our bodies with love: drinking water that is alive, prioritizing sleep, rest, exercise, self-massage, Reiki, breathing practices, meditation, dance, singing, being creative, etc. I felt called to write about the body temple because it is within our power to HEAL ourselves. Within the right environment, conscious awareness, and self-love, you will be able to bring yourself into optimal, superhuman well-being. WHY? Because within this state of being, you truly get to open yourself to the experience of LIFE without needing to identify with the thinking mind because your whole being is HEALTHY; there is freedom.

Take a moment, feel into your body, into your breath, into your thinking mind, into your energetic body and spiritual body. Offer yourself the stillness to feel and the silence to listen when you ask yourself, “DO I TRULY LOVE MYSELF?” The choices we make daily are a deep reflection of the current answer. In a fast-paced society, we believe everything is urgent, but how beautiful that “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” You can still move at your own pace and trust that you will feel when your body is a temple and that it is a sacred expression of Creation.

Feel into the quote below, how does it make you feel?

“Everything is super important. Until you’re sick. Then you realize there was only ever one thing that was important. Your Health. But nonetheless, we borrow from the bank of health, taking loans on stress and sleepless nights to pay for something that doesn’t really matter.”


Written with love, Andria Trisha Mizen



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