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Say Yes To Yoga

All misconception aside, Yoga is absolutely LIFE CHANGING in every aspect of your life.

Do yourself a favor and ask a regular practitioner why after X amount of years they’re still practicing?

If you would to  ask me, my heart will open and speak. Yoga offered me the opportunity to become aware of how I have not been treating myself with the unconditional  love, respect and gratitude that it deserves.

When I started practicing, I would cry during every class. These tears brought me deeper and closer inward, to my soul, my home. During this time everything started to clarify, to open and my connection to my physical body, mind, breath and heart became soft, passionate, playful, creative and strong. I finally felt that I am living my life through all parts of me simultaneously, mind, body and heart. I still choose to practice to stay connected to this amazing life I am living and to use my life force to experience life in full depth.

There are deeper layers to why I practice but I am here writing to encourage you to give it a try, to keep returning and to perhaps level up your own regular yoga practice.


Be resilient! Find the courage to try something new, step out of your comfort zone, for a moment, walk in, get on the mat, relax, and open yourself to a new experience. Let go of the assumptions and let go of anything you ‘think’ you know about Yoga.  Yoga has a LIFETIME of benefits and it’s worth the TRY.

The first step is to say YES!


Showing up on your mat once or twice a week is absolutely STUNNING.

How to level up?

Get familiar with other aspects of Yoga.

Mainly we are familiar with ASANA (Yoga postures) and perhaps a little familiar with PRANAYANA (breath control), DHARANA (concentration), and DHYANA (meditation). Saying Yes to LEVEL UP means that you will create space to explore the familiar aspects and practice them in addition to your regular ASANA practice. Here I will share three exercises you can start to incorporate into your weekly flow.

PRANAYAMA – 10 minutes of Sama Vritti (Equal Breathing) Inhale for 5-8 sec, hold 5-8 sec, Exhale 5-8 sec, hold 5-8 sec, choose the same amount of seconds for each breath and retention. The benefits of this is to equalize, harmonize and balance the breath flowing through your energy channels. Primarily for calming and balancing the mind and body.

DHARANA– 10 minutes of TRATAKA, focusing on candle flame. When the room is dark, you can focus on the flickering light and train your mind to filter out everything else.

Attaining your dream goals requires laser-pointed focus. That means shooting that beam of light toward one activity only.

DHYANA– 10 minutes of meditation- for this one keep it simple, lie down or sit against a wall, close your eyes, and gently focus on your breath moving in and out. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back and keep doing this. It is a practice and the clarity and overall freedom that follows is well worth it.

I personally love trying new things and find it easy to say YES but I know for some it isn’t.

I believe that if you truly value this gift of life, you will in your own way find your own YOGA and will realize that you will have to say YES in order to grow in certain parts of your life and that is the same with saying NO. It isn’t all black and white. Explore and connect in NEW WAYS to explore this magical journey that is your life.


Written with love,
Andria Trisha Mizen



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