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Embrace the energy of peace

In Native American traditions, a broken arrow would mean that tribes were no longer fighting one another but were making alliances.

May this symbol, broken arrow, be a message that you no longer need to fight, force or resist.

In our daily lives we are being exposed to situations in which we feel we need to protect or defend ourelves. I myself step into protecting myself and these conditioned reactions have not served me for a long time. I tend to step into creating false stories, create animosity and resistance towards a situation or person, when things don’t go my way. This doesn’t happen in my family or friend relationships, but it happens in romantic relationships. I guess, when I feel in control, I feel protected and safe. When I am not in control or take certain actions personally I tend to shift into a space where I want to burn a bridge and find it easier to let go then to move through these wounds. This mainly comes from a place of fear, fear of being hurt and fear of being completely vulnerable. I am sharing this little speck of my processing, to shine light on certain situations that create fear, the light I want to shine is that altough I offer healing, yoga, ceremonies to others, that I too without judging, feel I want to share a part of my truth, openly.

A beautiful man I have been following on Instagram recently shared the following words and it deeply embraced me, “Vulnerabilty is like a surgical removal of trauma from your nervous system. What you hide, cannot heal. What you do not hide, you free yourself from”.

let go of the need to protect or defend yourself, when you feel ready, and prepare to offer peace. You are safe.You can offer this peace to yourself and let that ripple out in your situations/life.

It really takes years to unravel your layers of experiences that caused wounds, I here want to encourage you to stop the holding and the hiding, to remind you that you are being guided to know that the energies of light are entering to wash away your darkness. You can drop your shields and protection. Know that your angelic guides and ancestors are standing around you, protecting you and guiding you lovingly forward.

May todays read be a powerful symbol of harmony,serenity and community.

Peace has arrived.




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