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Inhale, exhale at the new Yoga House studio

 Take a second and close your eyes. Now let your imagination drift off into a space where you can take deep breaths. Centre yourself into a mode of relaxation where you are surrounded by indigenous plants, soft mood music and fresh air. You hear the sounds of wind rushing through leaves and birds chirping in the background. Let go of the everyday rush and take a moment to concentrate on your mind and body. 

Now think of this scenario in a realistic setting. Yoga House has created a brand new space where you can do yoga and feel energised whilst embracing nature, and yourself. Situated at the new lifestyle centre in Paarl, Boutique House. 

Our new glasshouse space transports you to into a tranquil state of mind while moving your body along with our well-known Vinyasa, Yin or Hatha flows. The new yoga space boasts with ample room for you to calmly place down your yoga mat and start a journey of recentring and relaxation. A serene version of yourself in a serene setting. 

A picturesque setting is created as we filled the space with exquisite plants known to release a significant amount of oxygen. The glasshouse only consists of glass panels to ensure an inside-outside perspective where you are surrounded by a tropical garden and the calmness that it brings. The sun peaks through the glass roof which makes you glow from the outside and within. As the sun travels from east to west, the shadows of the hanging plants bounce of the walls which create movement similar to that of a yoga flow. 

We all know that yoga is an art formulated to bring about balance and stillness within you, but it is also very much an active investment into your body. The Yoga House glasshouse ensures that these two aspects of the beloved activity run parallel. We guarantee that a yoga class will be everything but normal. The influence of a peaceful space is the difference between being 100% focused and only being there because it’s part of your daily routine. The space is simply magical as it equips you with peace of mind and stillness. In a world where we are constantly in a hustle and bustle, it was very important for the Yoga House team to create a place where clients can escape the rush. Once you are there, it’ll be difficult to leave. 

“Our experienced yoga teachers are excited to host you in the glasshouse where you will have the opportunity to be part of a yoga family.” as said by Carelene de Jager, Studio Director. Our new home is the heart of our yoga community, and all are welcome to become part of it. Bring along friends, family or your partner to experience this all-new location. 

There is this constant idea that you cannot control the outside, but only the inside. We say no to this misleading philosophy. Our glasshouse space ensures that you are refuelled and regenerated so that you can control the outside with a reset inside. Come with us on the journey of renewal. Tanja A. Merlo, Founder, concludes: “Yoga is a journey you travel for yourself, through yourself – and what better way to conquer this path than in a space which allows you to.” 



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