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Navigating through Emotional Transitions

When has been the most recent time you were disappointed, hurt or disrespected? And how did you feel, how was your mind and how was processing the emotions? The reason I ask is because if you tend to always react, respond and feel the same; that there is space for integrating new ways of responding and or even creating such a compassionate and forgiving sanctuary within yourself that will create freedom for you within the process.

Let’s feel into what I am writing, people can only act from a place of where they are in their journey of consciousness, and how we perceive the same situation will be completely different. Taking things personally is a choice we make and surely is one we can unlearn. I guess what I am expressing here is that if we can take responsibility for how we feel and rather use the energy of anger/sadness and transmute that into compassion, love, forgiveness towards ourselves and others that we would be able to navigate more freely through pain etc.

Remember forgiving someone isn’t about them, it is about you and your freedom.

There is this Buddhist Quote that I love: “holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”

Personally I am navigating through heart ache at the moment and although all the above is easy to write down, truly integrating and practicing the above takes strength, courage and a deep will to change how I want to navigate through being hurt in the future. I have been choosing to release build up anger by screaming into my pillow, I went to secret sunrise (silent sober disco on the beach) and howled/screamed at the ocean and mountains, I release through dancing and incorporated guided hypnosis for deep healing and inner child healing, I have been choosing to challenge myself with advance yoga practices and taking my cats for walks when I don’t feel like it, I’ve been taking healing crystal baths, gone for a Reiki session, sea point ocean immersions, listened to music, reached out to friends for support, gone on hikes, went camping, painted, made gifts of gratitude, let me stop because this list goes on and on- all of the above has truly offered me deep expansion, compassion and love.

When you are deeply immersed in sadness/ pain, seeing the light can be a challenge-

Our collective is resilient and we need to remember that even though we feel alone sometimes that in reality community is always available to us, we merely need to own what we are experiencing, share, learn and grow.

Eventually we want to be so unattached that if someone disappoints or hurts, that we instantly feel love for the situation and allow ourselves to move freely through it, remembering that everything is impermanent. We can strengthen the quality of adapting and being open to change.

I want to express that I am here for you if you ever need someone to talk to and our studio space is a sanctuary space for expansion, for rooting and for opening the heart- so before or after a practice if you feel like sharing, my heart is open to listen and hold you energetically.

we are loved.




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