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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga has become one of the more popular types of yoga because it can build strength, improve flexibility, and align posture — while still being gentle enough for most bodies. It’s a great option for both beginners and experienced yogis.

Most of the yoga classes you’ll find at local gyms and yoga studios can be classified as hatha yoga, where you’ll do a combination of poses and breathing exercises.

The Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Better Sleep

According to a 2013 review, doing yoga can not only help people to fall asleep faster but can also improve their quality of sleep. Researchers noted that subjects who practiced yoga showed a “statistically significant reduction” in the need for sleep aids, as well.


Improve Balance & Strength

Volunteers in a 2016 study who did just 21 days of hatha yoga training improved their core muscle strength as well as their balance.


Strengthen Flexibility

A small 2015 study found that when older women participated in 90-minute hatha yoga sessions once a week, they improved their spine and hamstring flexibility. As a result, researchers concluded that yoga exercises should be recommended to the elderly to increase the range of motion in the joints and enhance their muscle flexibility.